Vaulteq - ongoing

Copywriting / Translation

Vaulteq is the first Dutch password manager. It keeps your passwords safe and within reach. Vaulteq is building a brand based on trust. I am making sure their webcopy, app copy and blogposts leave a clear and convincing impression.

MessageBird - ongoing

Copywriting / Localisation

MessageBird is one of the fastest growing Dutch tech startups. Their copy was directly translated from English to Dutch but the soul got lost in translation. I have rewritten all Dutch copy to bring the soul back to the birds.

BMW - finished


BMW NL needed copy for their new test drive landing page on a very short term. I wrote in the signature BMW tone of voice while keeping a young (web savvy) target group in mind.

Marqt - finished


This ecologically responsible supermarket chain has innovative ideas about what we should eat. I helped to make sure in-store communication (posters, labels and product info) and newspaper advertisements reflect their well-thought-out choices.

Soigneur - finished

A magazine for the love of cycling. Soigneur makes high quality content about the world of cycling in the past, present and future. For their website, I translated a Dutch article to English.

Eetclub - finished

Interviews / Photography is the place to start or join a cooking club in The Netherlands. I was asked to make portraits (interview & photography) from some of their members. The idea was to surface stories about how the clubs got together and what they like about their cooking club.

Demarrage - finished


Demarrage delivers all kinds of packages and mail environment-friendly, by bike. I wrote a series of blogposts about bike messaging. They point out the advantages of working with Demarrage in an indirect and entertaining way.

Bilder & De Clercq - finished

Strategy / Social media management

The tone of voice on social media had to match B&DC’s high standards. It had to appeal to food-minded people in Amsterdam. I created original content using my own photography.

Lionel Gallery - finished


For the Lionel Gallery exposition on Banksy, I handpicked a group of bloggers and invited them for an exclusive preview. It generated a lot of online attention right when they wanted it.

Defringe - finished

Strategy / Content management

Filtering the web’s greatest creative work. We strived to give artists and their work the platform it deserved. Defringe was the digital playground where I broadened my skills and taste for text, design and usability.